2021 Year in Review at PhilOnEdTech

It’s been another great year . . . well, it’s been another year at least at PhilOnEdTech. As most work is shutting down for the holidays, let’s look back at both the most read and least read posts of the year. With the data below, I have combined newsletter (given that we provide a full text feed) and website stats.

The newsletter to website aggregate readship of the blog is roughly 2:1, although the newsletter numbers are more consistent. The difference between newsletter views for most-read and least-read posts is just under 2:1, but for website views it’s closer to 10:1. None of this is based on deliberate strategy or targeting, but it does reflect changing media consumption patterns.

Here are the top five, most read posts of 2021:

LMS and OPM market dynamics. I guess that’s not too surprising for readers of this blog.

Here are the bottom five, least read posts of 2021:

I’ll work this out with my therapist, but some of the heaviest-researched data-intensive posts are on this list. The good news (or bad news, depends on your perspective) is that I have no intentions of cutting back on the data analysis posts – those stories are like catnip for me.

It turns out that all of those posts in the bottom five are postscripts. Follow-up posts with additional information.

It was great to finally get out and about in late 2021, as I was able to attend three conferences in person. Meaning that I got to meet with real people and have non-virtual discussions. Let’s hope for more connection in 2022! Thanks for reading.