Access to College Scorecard Data and Visualizations

How we plan to increase access for our subscribers

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We’ve had a few requests for us to share the dataset and access to visualizations from the College Scorecard analysis that we have used in our reporting, including on Gainful Employment regulations. These requests make sense based on the recent Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), as described by Inside Higher Ed last week, which have implications well beyond Gainful Employment programs.

However, under a separate section of the regulations, the education secretary could consider how a program fared on those gainful-employment tests when deciding whether to end an institution’s eligibility for federal financial aid. Some experts questioned the department’s authority to carry out that change. [snip]

For programs that fail the debt-to-earnings test, students will have to sign something that acknowledges they saw the information. Creating that acknowledgment form and ensuring students sign it will be the institution’s responsibility. A similar requirement is not in place for the earnings premium, because the department said the non-GE programs “are more likely to have nonpecuniary goals.”

Access by Subscription Level

Based on the feedback we receive below, we plan to share our data and set of interactive visualizations with subscribers. Our plan is as follows:

  • Clean up the data a bit more to make it easier to read and analyze;

  • Share spreadsheet-level dataset for On EdTech+ subscribers; and

  • Share access to our Tableau visualizations - with the ability to lookup and highlight specific academic program types (CIP codes) and specific institutions - for On EdTech Enterprise subscribers.

Please let us know your interest below.

Data Interest and Format

All of the data comes from the College Scorecard and the 2022 Program Performance Data (PPD), and we have done some cleanup (including renaming column headers, removing text from data columns) and combining of data to include geographic information and improved debt payment amortization. More on that last point in a future post.

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