Friday Follow Up

A delay in FVT/GE reporting, a possible end to the UoP acquisition, and requiem for another Gates project

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A whirlwind of news with important late-in-the-week updates.

F-Word Fallout

In a welcome reprieve, the US Department of Education (ED) announced a delay of the initial reporting requirements for the new Financial Value Transparency and Gainful Employment (FVT/GE) regulations. See Wednesday’s post for additional pre-announcement details. Originally, institutions had to report data by the end of July, and that date is now pushed back by two months.

* Institutions will have the ability to start reporting FVT/GE data through the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) starting July 1, 2024.

* Institutions will have until October 1, 2024 to provide all required reporting. The Department is providing institutions additional time to report such information by allowing institutions to submit the information that was previously due by July 31, 2024 to be submitted by no later than October 1, 2024.

Two months is a minimal delay, but it’s better than nothing.

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