Friday Follow Up, OPM Style

Minnesota's 'hold my beer' moment and more on ED plans

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Men can be fickle, but birds I always trust.

- Lord Varys

I attended the Post OPM conference this week and plan a few posts to cover discussions there, and today I have time for two OPM-related updates (one from a trusted bird reader and one from the conference.

Minnesota: Hold my beer

A lot of the focus on OPM-related regulations has properly been at the US federal level, with the US Department of Education (ED). But as we pointed out in the fall, there are what appear to be semi-coordinated actions elsewhere. In October’s “Venue Shopping for TPS”, I described the regional accreditor Middle States and their efforts to add third-party servicer (TPS) and third-party provider reporting rules with a restricted comment period and fast implementation. Those rules went beyond ED’s Spring 2023 efforts in terms of definitions, if not impact.

The state of Minnesota, at least based on an introduced House Bill HF4343, takes the effort one step further.

A bill for an act relating to higher education; imposing requirements related to higher education institution contracts with online program management companies; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 135A.

The core of the bill is two-fold: first, it seeks to outlaw tuition revenue-sharing in the state, whether or not ED keeps the bundled services exception.

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