Interesting Reads This Week

Changes in the world of OPMs, the effects of too much free money, enrollment, and stalling

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If you at all follow EdTech markets, this has been a week full of interesting developments. If you are me and have an unnatural fondness for beer and sausages, this is the start of a delicious week in Berlin. Buoyed by my first venture out in search of sausage goodness, I am ready to share the interesting things I read and learned this week.

OPMs dominating the news

Obviously the big stories were the purchase of Wiley University Services by Academic Partnerships, accreditor approval of the University of Phoenix planned sale to the University of Idaho, and 2U announcing that co-founder and long time CEO Chip Paucek was stepping down. Proving what we already knew, that markets are cold hearted, the 2U stock price was up 10% for the day.

The first of many sausage-based meals

You’re an OPM . . . no we’re not!

Given changes in regulation and public perception, we are likely to see a growing emergence of different models of companies seeking to work with colleges and universities to take programs online. This week we saw another example with the public announcements of Archer Education expanding of their offerings, labeled Online Growth Enablement. Given the current regulatory environment in the US, I would have made the name of the service as different from Online Program Management as I possibly could.

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