Interesting Reads This Week

Complicated problems edition

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It seems that we all survived the Ides of March, but dangers still lurk for many smaller and regional institutions. The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith is having to cut a number of majors, and the regional campuses of the Ohio State University system have experienced significant enrollment drops, by as much as 24% since 2020. But what else did I read this week?

Bye bye Miss American Pi

Of course, the Ides are preceded by March 14th, or Pi Day. For a little lighthearted break, I wanted to share one of the memes going around.

It does remind me a little bit of a lot of the academic writing I read about EdTech. It also makes me wonder if Rishi Sunak is actually the force behind Pi Day.

Losing my religion

Robert Kelchen had an interesting post this week about the number of consecutive years that small private nonprofit colleges and universities have posted a deficit. There is quite a big variation in the numbers.

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