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Reading is hard

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This week was a week of difficult reading. The constantly worsening messes with FAFSA and the University of Arizona made grim news, but there were also lots of things that I struggled to get my brain around. Maybe that is because I am trying to read Chris Dixon’s book about blockchain. I am finding it thought provoking but challenging, and maybe it is coloring everything else. But I have sandwiched the tougher pieces in between two that are easier to digest.

The Coursera five

To start with, Dhawal Shah at Course Report offered up an amuse bouche about Coursera’s annual report released last month. For a slightly more filling bite, he points us to an earlier post of his where he breaks down the numbers a bit more.

The big news from Shah’s post is the extent to which Coursera’s revenue is built on just five of their most important content and credential partners.

In 2023, the top 5 content and credentialing partners generated a staggering 32% of the company’s total revenue, up from 30% the previous year. This translates to over $200 million annually.

Shah is not being explicit about which those five are (apart from Google) – as I said, this is an amuse bouche, but it is fair to predict that they won’t be universities.

While the number of students in the degrees segment has grown, revenue remains flat.

As he points out:

Monetizing degree programs appears to remain difficult.

I promise to bring you the full Vegas buffet version of the report soon.

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