New Podcast and An Update on TPS

Announcing a new podcast: Online Education Across the Atlantic

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We are excited to announce a new podcast, but first an update on the third-party servicer (TPS) guidelines.

TPS Guidance

In my most recent post on the topic, I shared that the US Department of Education (ED) would not release updated TPS guidance this year, and I speculated that it would not do so in 2024 due to the election. Well, I got the first part right but the second is up in the air. Yesterday ED announced a new set of negotiated rulemaking that explicitly excluded TPS, but it also added this statement:

Additionally, the Department intends to issue updated guidance on Third Party Servicers in early 2024.

We do not know if this expected guidance update will re-add the broad EdTech elements from Spring 2023, but my guess at 2024 prospects is on shaky ground right now.

New Podcast

Morgan and I are working to ensure that our coverage of EdTech and online education is more global in nature, avoiding the pitfall of looking only in the US bubble. Yesterday’s post on the OEB conference is one example of this scope.

We’re happy to announce that we are working with UK-based Neil Mosley, who is one of our favorite writers on EdTech, on a new podcast. Online Education Across the Atlantic intentionally takes a broader view of education trends, and it is available with Apple, Spotify, Google, or any of your favorite podcast players. The links below go to Apple, but you can use your favorite with the links above.

We have three episodes already available, and we plan to add new ones weekly (more or less). We are experimenting with the format and feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy!

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