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Online Program Management: An updated view of the market landscape for 2019

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share an updated view of the Online Program Management (OPM) market in a webinar with WCET. There were too many questions to fully address during the session, and we are planning a joint blog post to address additional questions over the next week.

You can view the recorded webinar at https://youtu.be/uMSa3lEn_4I or at the embed below the graphic.

We have a session planned for the annual WCET conference in Denver in early November. We’d love to see you there and continue the conversation in person.

Updates since 2018

As part of the webinar I released an updated graphic of the OPM landscape, taking a broader view of this growing but dynamic market. Since the last version shared a year ago, I added a new sub-category of vendors, for-profit conversions, to capture the Kaplan (Purdue Global) and Grand Canyon Education (GCU) with its recent Orbis acquisition. I expect this group to grow, as Bridgepoint Education (Walden U) is seeking approval to make similar changes.

Some other enhancements to note:

  • The business model axis makes it more clear that there is a range of options between Tuition Revenue Share and Fee for Service.

  • 2U now shows its acquisitions of GetSmarter and Trilogy, while also add its investment and partnership with Keypath. I also am showing the entry into the bachelors degree market the London School of Economics and the more recent Institutional Suite.

  • Wiley shows its acquisition of Learning House.

  • I have adjusted the sampling of fee-for-service vendors based on market activity.

Fall 2019 Graphic

As before, please note that this view is intended to give a visual overview of the market landscape and is not comprehensive in terms of vendors represented. This is particularly true as you approach the bottom of the graphic.

The webinar covers additional context around this graphic.

(Source for video: https://youtu.be/uMSa3lEn_4I)

Expect more coverage soon on the OPM market and the broader world of online and hybrid education.

Update 9/28: Mentioned that 2U’s entry into bachelors degree market started with London School of Economics, which pre-dated the Institutional Suite announcement.