Rebranding and a New Associate

We’re excited to add Glenda Morgan, recently from Gartner, to our renamed team

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Phil Hill & Associates

After a ten-year period of having separate websites for the blog and the consulting & market analysis business (where we provide online and OPM strategy, LMS strategy, and consulting support for institutional change), we are rebranding this week to one site. We are combining PhilOnEdTech and MindWires into the new Phil Hill & Associates brand.

We have already soft-launched the revised blogging / newsletter brand as On EdTech based on the federal regulatory guidance and the need to offer expanded coverage earlier than expected. With the rebranding, we hope to provide a more streamlined experience for our readers and clients (in particular for those who are in both groups).

The blog / newsletter is now On EdTech by Phil Hill & Associates, and now redirects to The overall consulting and market analysis site is Phil Hill & Associates, and redirects to Soon the emails for the newsletter will come from the new domain.

And who are those associates, you ask?

Glenda Morgan Joining Our Team

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanette Wiseman and Kevin Kelly for years, and they are wonderful. Many of you already know Jeanette and Kevin either through consulting engagements or market briefings or conference sessions. We are thrilled to announce that Glenda Morgan is now part of our team!

I first met Morgan (she goes by her last name) back in 2005, when she was working in Academic Technology for the California State University system after having worked as a Learning Technology Analyst at the University of Wisconsin system office. I provided consulting services around the LMS market (known at the time as Course Management Systems, which was more accurate fwiw). The 23 CalState campuses had little in the way of collaboration around academic technologies, and Morgan and I held many focus groups across the state, leading to two system-wide LMS summits that were instrumental in getting the system to create master enabling agreements to improve system procurement and to define an academic technology baseline.

At one of those summits I met Kevin Kelly, by the way, as he was working at San Francisco State University on their AT initiatives and was active in the Moodle community.

Morgan and I worked together in the early 2010s on additional initiatives at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign while she was Director of Academic Technology Services.

From 2014 until 2022, Morgan was a Research Director / Analyst at Gartner, leading their efforts around all things learning. Morgan has been one of the top analysts for Online Program Management (OPM) and online education in general, for LMS and other learning platforms, and for academic integrity platforms.

Quite simply, Morgan is unmatched in her market knowledge and experience for EdTech. And she is now available for market analyst calls, help with our market analysis reports, contract reviews, and select consulting engagements. And she will join me at ASU+GSV if you’d like to say hello and catch up. Whether you’re going to the conference or not, we’d love to hear from you - send a note to [email protected].

Expect to see more from Morgan on upcoming blog / newsletter posts!

The main On EdTech newsletter is free to share in part or in whole. All I ask is attribution.

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