Stakeholder Identification in LMS Reviews

Think buy-in, not just requirements

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To conduct a successful Learning Management System (LMS) review and evaluation, it is necessary to identify and engage with the people who manage and use the system, both to get their input into what works and doesn’t work, and also to get their buy-in should you move to a new LMS. Yet there is something about stakeholder identification that makes it difficult for many colleges and universities.

As part of our upcoming LMS toolkit we will include a resource to help colleges and universities identify stakeholders for their LMS reviews and evaluations. This is the second in a series of posts over the next month or two looking at evaluation material - review sites, RFPs, rubrics, etc. - for EdTech evaluation projects at colleges and universities. Naturally, we are starting with LMS projects, although much of the material could easily be repurposed for other EdTech systems.

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