Updates: Summary of student surveys page and sample HyFlex class plan

Based on feedback and requests on two of Kevin’s recent posts (and online discussions), we have two updates we’d like to share with readers.

The first update is a new section added to the post “COVID-19 Planning for Fall 2020: A Closer Look at Hybrid-Flexible Course Design“.

In response to a request on the POD Network listserv, I created a “run of show” Google doc with examples of a 50-minute HyFlex class session and a 75-minute HyFlex class session. Specifically, I wanted to see what types of typical in-class activities would work for different length HyFlex course sessions, as it may take more time to prepare students and conduct an activity with students participating in different ways.

The update has a sample table from a Creative Commons document which readers are free to use and adapt.

The second update is that we have taken the summary table from “Making Sense of the Many College Student COVID-19 Surveys” and created a free resources page at MindWires.com. We plan to keep the page updated as we find new student surveys that gather feedback on their experiences with remote, hybrid, and online experiences this year, hopefully increasing the visibility of students’ input during the pandemic.

I’m thrilled that readers are finding such value from Kevin’s writing here, and I hope these new resources will be useful to the community.